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About the foundation ART2Connect |
About the foundation ART2Connect


The mission of ART2Connect is challenging artists and their contemporary art, and seducing a wide audience to make its acquaintance by making the art visible. The core competence of ART2Connect is to take control of these processes and the artistic field as well as to bring the audience into motion.

“A painter who shows nothing, paints to the invisibility?” – Artist Oene Zwietink.


In the vision of ART2Connect the gap between art and society must be sealed. Art is a child of time and in the present time it requires a lot of creativity to answer difficult questions about economic progress, prosperity and global distribution, the environment, ethics etc. A society that should answer those questionsneeds a high degree of creativity and openness while a society that closes itself to this is at risk not to find the right answer. Art is a tool to stimulate the openness and self-reflection, to look from a distance to our contemporary society.


ART2Connect was founded in 2001 with the goal: ‘the innovative promotion of contemporary visual art and design for a diverse audience by making the art attainable, visible and accessible’. The main target groups are (the audience; young and old, from a diverse background), the starting artists, the more established and professional artists, art initiatives and institutes.